Incan Belief System Was Highly advanced

These civilizations were named for different levels of spiritual achievement or consciousness in the Inca belief system. Hanan, for example, stood at the top levels of consciousness and the upper world out of the three existences that the income of people believed in. Its symbol was a condor. It makes sense that something symbolically high or lofty would find representation with a bird well known for soaring at exceptionally high altitudes for long periods of time. Uran referred to the mid-world or middle layers of consciousness. This is where people exist for their known life. As represented in many Inca and earlier artwork and architecture, this part of reality was represented by a puma. Ukan, the underworld or lowest level of consciousness had a serpent as its symbol. Again, the habits of these creatures and the places they inhabit match the spiritual understanding of the levels attained by someone's consciousness or spirit.