Mayan Religious Beliefs and Practices

Despite the crazed bishop's hellacious efforts to destroy Maya culture and religion, they had already turned mostly to Christianity by the time he began his campaign. The idea the Spanish people shared about Jesus Christ resonated with their own beliefs that life was cyclical and gods and men were born again. In fact, the Mayan maize god who controlled the growth and regrowth of crops, sounded very much like the new peoples' idea of how religion worked.

To the ancient Maya civilization far before the Europeans showed up, their religious practices included the strong idea that life and death for just a part of the same journey, and that they would be repeated throughout an individual's existence. Gods and other deities existed to help them in their life, offer protection, maintain the underworld of Xibalba and the paradise-like world of Tamoanchan, which was frequently depicted as a mist shrouded mountain with vibrant flowers and delicious fruit.