Mysteries Surrounding the Sacsayhuaman Construction

What other possibilities exist? In the 1600s, a document that stated hundreds of men dragged the stones with ropes all of those kilometres to the city was written. It also explains that the stonecutters used "river cobbles" to bang the big rocks out of the quarry itself. One man named Cieza de Leon wrote that he witnessed the Inca doing exactly this in the 1540s when he visited the city. The Inca civilization had fallen by 1533, which was well past the time when they were doing any construction projects.

Mysteries surround the construction of Sacsayhuaman and other locations around the great city of Cusco. It seems that anyone who recorded anything about how the income built it and transported the rocks was either affected by Spanish control and racism or their own sense of whimsy and speculation. Over the years, various historians or explorers came up with their own ideas. One Vince Lee suggested the rocks were raised up on top of the wall, balanced on a stack of logs, and lowered one by one into place. A Professor Protzen suggested that, besides cutting out these massive stones, the Inca also constructed ramps between the quarry and the city so that they could drag them smoothly over the distance to their final positions Sacsayhuaman.