Mysterious Aerial Shot Captures Entire Purpose of Sacsayhuaman

The intricate features of this area in Peru do not stop there. If you continue moving northward, a flat circular zone undoubtedly used for various ceremonies can be found. Due to the lack of specific and accurate information about what took place in Cusco before the Spanish came, and even less information about the people who lived there before the Inca, many locations often get called sacred places, ceremonial grounds, or are otherwise believed to be part of their spiritual practices. There simply is not enough information to go on to describe exactly what each space was for. The only way to get to the truth is to go back and lower the oral traditions of the Inca people. Reading the European-influenced journals will not give an accurate depiction. The circular "ceremonial ground" shows signs of having large structures or walls of stone blocks surrounding it. These have the usual tight-fitting joints found throughout the area. However, the relatively small cube-shaped blocks were exceptionally prized by the Spanish for the types of buildings they wanted to create. This offers a simple explanation why the walls and other structures in this circular area are gone with only a few signs left behind. Like many other buildings in and around the city, the Spanish moved what they wanted for their own purposes.