Mysterious Appearances of the Olmec Stone Heads

The 17 head statues range in size from approximately 9 ½ feet to 14 ½ feet in circumference. Most are approximately 6 to 7 feet tall. The unique property of the stone used to create them makes them exceptionally heavy. They weigh in at approximately eight tons each.

In the far-off Tuxtla mountains, Olmec miners separated these massive basalt boulders from the ground and transported them down the river on rafts or Overland using logs to roll them across open ground. There were no organized road systems in this civilization although there were regularly used trade routes that could potentially make this process much easier.

The faces have broad features, white noses, thick lips, and invariably where the type of helmet over the top of their heads. Although time has roughened the features some, they are generally smooth and quite precise for a time when people only used stone tools. Archaeologists suggest that they could have been painted in bright colours much like the Aztec and Mayan statuary was in years after the heads were carved.