Ollantaytambo - Temple of the Sun

It seems there is no shortage of amazing architectural sites in this area of Peru near the Inca capital city of Cusco. Another called Ollantaytambo was a massive fort built into the side of a hill. The land was terraced extensively, massive stone block walls were constructed around the perimeter, and the location culminated in a glorious Temple of the Sun at the top.

The wall itself represents an incredibly impressive architectural feat for people using simple tools and manpower. Each stone block was transported from a quarry at least five kilometres away, across ravines, planes, and hills, and finally up the mountain to the final position. Some weighed in excess of 14,000 pounds. It is these megaliths fashioned from porphyry that impress archaeologists most of all. Although debate still rages about the possible carvings or façade on the surface of these six giant stones, what is left to enjoy today clearly demonstrates the high degree of skill and dedication that these early people had to their architectural endeavours.