Olmec Origins of all Mesoamerican Cultures

The earliest civilization known to exist in the Mesoamerican region is called the Olmec. The earliest records of their existence come from approximately 1200 BCE. It makes sense to understand that there were people in that area before then, but they were not truly part of an organized civilization that engaged in trade and other important things. People have existed in most places of the world far beyond when discovered civilizations grew.

Still, the Olmec are often considered one of the worldwide cradles of civilization. They were responsible for launching other groups of people in the area such as the Aztec and Maya. Evidence for this exists in the records kept by the later civilizations about trade, art, culture, and religion. Over the centuries of their existence, the Olmec people spread throughout Mesoamerica, traded with new civilizations that arose, and left behind quite an interesting record of mysterious pyramids, religious artefacts, and so much more.

Before exploring some of the true mysteries of this group of native people, first it is important to consider how they arose in the first place. It is nearly impossible to figure out the precise information about how the civilization started. However, with some logical thought, the intelligence of historians and archaeologists, and information left behind by later civilizations, you begin to have a clearer picture of the Olmec people.