Temple of the Monkeys - Cusco

Although interesting from a historical standpoint, the nearby Temple of the Monkeys and Temple of the Moon are often overlooked because the other sites are larger and have more megalithic stones. However, they still provide an interesting look into the construction abilities and lifestyles of those ancient civilized people. A collection of underground caves contains altars and other platforms undoubtedly used for funerals and religious rites. The people apparently used their unique construction techniques to augment the natural geology of the area.

In the largest cave with ceremonial trappings, nearly every wall, floor, staircase, and platform have a vitrified surface. This protected location has allowed the unique surfaces to remain largely unchanged for a very long time. Here, the vitrification is extensive and exceptionally well preserved. The stone surfaces reflect light almost as well as mirrored glass would. Unfortunately, other places in the two temples are now exposed to the outside weather, and the vitrification has started to disappear.