Why the Olmec Giant Heads?

One of the most obvious and well understood types of artefacts from the ancient Olmec civilization are the giant stone heads that appear in their cities, around the pyramid mounds, and excavated out of the ground in various other places throughout the region. A total of 17 have been unearthed since archaeologists have started studying the Olmec people. For example, for massive heads were positioned at the corners of the La Venta city layout. Also, their use is not precisely known, it makes sense that they were placed there is some sort of protection or spiritual honour that would hopefully bless their city.

Another common theory exists that states these colossal heads directly depicted popular rulers of the Olmec civilization. In fact, they could have done double duty in honouring the Kings and representing a desire for protection for their cities. Still, many mysteries surround them, and archaeologists argue about various aspects of how they are designed and created.